State Senator Keith Perry

“As the father of three college students and a businessman, Todd understands the challenges facing families and small businesses here in Florida and across the country. As a conservative Republican leader, Todd has used commonsense solutions and responsible fiscal restraint to fight for local taxpayers, limit government overreach and reign in our utility. Todd is without a doubt the strongest, most experienced candidate in this race. The voters I represent in Alachua, Marion, and Putnam county want strong, conservative leadership – and Todd has it. I’m proud to support Todd in every way I can.

State Senator Aaron Bean

“I’ve known Todd for more than 30 years. He is a hardworking family man, an innovative business leader, and the kind of friend you’d call in a jam. Todd is a constitutional conservative who believes less government and more freedom are what make America great. I am proud to endorse him because North Florida needs servant leaders like Todd fighting for us in Washington now more than ever.

Sgt. Sheldon McKinzie
President, Gainesville Fraternal Order of Police

As a naval pilot and commander, Todd Chase spent a good part of his life in uniform, protecting the rights of our citizens and country. He’s done the same here at home, by supporting local law enforcement, men and women who like him are willing to put their lives on the line for others.

Todd Chase has earned our endorsement, and the chance to serve us again.

Susan Baird, MBA
Former Alachua County Commissioner

“Todd Chase is the most qualified candidate in this race. As a retired Naval Aviator, Harvard MBA, businessman, elected official, and father, Todd has the strength and experience to carry the mantle forward from Congressman Ted Yoho and fight alongside President Trump.  I watched Todd closely while we served as the only conservative Republican leaders on the Gainesville and Alachua County Commissions. His combination of conviction, intelligence and leadership were fundamental to our ability to push back on the misguided progressive policies being advanced at the time. Todd is exactly who we need in Washington now to help responsibly rebuild our country and ensure our liberties and freedoms are not infringed upon. I am proud to give my very good friend and fellow patriot my strongest possible endorsement.”

Craig Carter, Realtor®
Former Gainesville City Commissioner District 3

“I’ve known Todd Chase for over 10 years. I met him when he was the coach of our son’s baseball team. I admired him for his dedication to the kids; he taught them, not just baseball skills, but sportsmanship, teamwork, and integrity. I interacted with him when he was elected to the Gainesville City Commission, and I had the privilege of serving alongside him during his second term. I appreciated his thorough research and discussion on every topic. He truly loves his community and worked hard to make it a great place to live and work.

As we became friends, I admired his dedication to his family. His love for his mother, his wife, and his children showed in every decision he made in his life. In the private sector, I’ve enjoyed doing business with Todd as a Realtor. I’m honored to say that Todd Chase will make a fantastic Congressman. His love of his community and country, for our military and first responders, and his political and business experience will serve to make him a balanced and strong advocate for the district in Washington.

Bill Watson

“I have known Todd Chase for 35 years and I am proud to give him my recommendation and support for the 3 rd District U.S. House of Representatives. I met Todd through Navy Captain Charles Cook, who was a Sigma Nu Fraternity Advisor at Jacksonville University. I hosted a fundraiser for the Sigma Nu Chapter at our home and Todd Chase and future State Senator Aaron Bean parked cars and participated in the event. I have been impressed with Todd’s growth and success over the years. He graduated from Jacksonville University and received his Navy Commission as a Navy Pilot and earned his MBA at Harvard University.

I supported him during his successful run for local office in Gainesville, Florida, and encouraged him to pursue a career in the Real Estate Profession. I feel Todd’s background as a Realtor, business owner, and elected official in Gainesville will be a valuable asset and benefit to the U.S. House of Representatives.

It is my privilege to endorse Todd Chase for Florida’s Third Congressional District and I hope you will join me in supporting Todd with both your vote and financial support.”

Dayna Miller
Alachua City Commissioner

“Todd understands the needs of the people at the local level. The citizens of Alachua deserve a candidate whose principles were forged over decades of service, not political convenience. Todd will stand for what is right, not what’s politically correct. His background in municipal government and military service provides the life experience to know how to lead with strength, integrity, and honor. I am proud to endorse Todd Chase to represent the voters I serve in Florida’s 3rd District.”

April Griffin
Former Alachua County School Board member,
Past President, Florida School Boards’ Association

I’m supporting Todd Chase. I had the honor of serving on the Alachua County School Board while Todd served on our city commission. Todd was never afraid or timid to fight for what was best for his constituents. Todd proved to me that he will honorably represent our voice in Washington.

Robert Wilford
Vice Mayor, City of Alachua

Proven leadership! Todd is the most qualified candidate to serve us in Congress. Todd was the lone conservative voice of reason on the Gainesville City Commission, often fighting alone to defend taxpayer dollars. The City of Alachua would benefit from Todd’s strong leadership in Washington. I’m proud to endorse Todd Chase for Congress.

Colonel Craig Ham
U.S. Army Retired,
Former Professor United States Military Academy and National War College

In a very crowded field to replace Ted Yoho in Congress, I was looking for the right person – and I have found Todd Chase. A successful career as a Navy pilot, a successful businessman, a conservative voice on the Gainesville City Commission, and a dedicated family man – Todd Chase checks all the boxes. When I was in Vietnam roughly three-fourths of Congress had served their country in uniform. Today veterans in Congress constitute less than 20% of the very people who dictate my benefits, hold the power to fund the active force, and work with the President to “Provide for the Common Defense” against all enemies, foreign and domestic! This is the kind of proven leader that we need.