Veterans for Todd

Todd Chase is one of the finest officers that I had the privilege to serve within my Naval career. Todd was a True Leader among an elite cadre of peers in the largest aviation squadron in the United States Navy and was handpicked to be a future leader in a demanding position. One of my most effective and skilled Instructor Pilots, his impact on the development of young fleet pilots was significant. A true professional in every sense of the word, Todd Chase is exactly the type of leader America needs at this pivotal time in our history and I could not be prouder to endorse him and vote for him on August 18th.

CAPT Mike Griffin, United States Navy, Retired
Former Commanding Officer, Patrol Squadron Thirty
NAS Jacksonville

Tom Adair

Brig Gen James Albritton

CAPT Scott Askins

AECS John Bagby

SSgt Bob Barnas

CAPT John Batlle III

LTC Tim Beluscak II

PO Richard Bishop

RAdm Stan Bozin

CDR Clark Brigger

LCDR Gary Brose

MCPO Joseph Paul Butler Sr.

RAdm Jon Coleman

LCDR Andy Conrad

CDR Sam Coons

TSgt Jamie Coons

CDR Martin Cramer

CDR Dana Danielson

LT Tracy Davidson

LCDR Vince Debban

AME3 Robert Delamater

CWO Michael DiVona

BMC Hugh F. Edge III

CAPT Dave Faraldo

Franz Federschmidt

LCDR Mike French

CPO John Gay

AW1 James Gonyon

CAPT Rich Goodwyn

AWCS Shawn Gray

1LT Joan Grieder

CAPT Mike Griffin

COL Craig Ham

LCDR Michael Harrison

MSG Mark Hatfield

CDR Todd Henson

CMSgt Jimmy Hicks

SGT Cary Hill

CDR Rick Hodgkins

RAdm Michael Holmes

Sgt Forest Hope

AEC Jerry Howard

CDR Michael Huff

CDR Dave Hutton

CAPT Randy Johnson

CDR Robert Jones

LT Brian Joyce

LCDR Jed Kane

AWC Russ Kimmey

Steve King

MG Dave Kratzer

AW1 Bob Lemois

AO3 TJ Linder

LT Tom Luther

These times call for strong and principled leaders and Todd Chase is exactly that. Todd was one of my top Combat Aircrew Aircraft Commanders during a grueling deployment to the Mediterranean that saw the end of the Cold War. We need more strong veterans to lead America in Congress at a time when there is much uncertainty in the world. It comes as no surprise to me that Todd has stepped up once again to serve our Nation and I hope the voters of Florida’s 3rd Congressional District send this great American and leader to complete the mission.

CAPT Edward Waller, United States Navy, Retired
Former Commanding Officer Patrol Squadron Forty-Nine
NAS Jacksonville

SGT Jimmy Lynch

LTG Raymond Mason

CAPT Paul Mattingly

CAPT Ed Mayfield Jr.

LCDR Don McBrayer

CDR Robert McChesney

CDR Sean McCormack

Neil McDonald

AECS Rich McGuire

Dr. Mike Gonzalez

LCDR Doug Mitchell

CORP Ernie Moyer

SCPO Matthew Mulford

Nick Navetta

Gary Newman

Lt. Col Brian Nichols

CDR Pat O'Flaherty

CDR Rick Packer

LCDR Donald Palmer

LCDR Doug Peale

AWF1 Chip Pittmann

CAPT Bill Pokorny

William Ricchart

CDR Ken Rothaermel

CDR Bernie Ryan

GySgt MG Sanchez

SSgt Bonnie Sanchez

PRCM Scott Sanford

Luis Santiago

AECS Oliver Scrivner

Charles Sharpe

PO2 Shawn Sheppard

CAPT TD Smyers

LCDR Hank Snow

CDR Jay Stockwell

MAJ Major Stroupe

CPO Chris Styles

CAPT Tim Tibbits

AFCM Joe Tierney

LCDR Victor A. Torla

AD1 William Thompson

CAPT Matt Tuohy

CDR John Bart Verniest

PN3 Brian Voge

MAJ Dennis Wait

CAPT Ed Waller

CDR Mike Watson

Major Wade Wheeler

MCPO Richard Wike

SCPO Robert Wilford

SCPO Greg Williams

CDR Scott Willower

LCDR Casey Woods

Todd and I flew countless missions together across the globe and our Combat Aircrew entrusted our lives with him every time we took to the skies. You will not find a stronger leader and dedicated American than Todd Chase to serve in Congress at a time where principled leadership is exactly what we need. He has lived a life of service to his country, his family, and his community and I could not endorse him more strongly. Join me in voting for my good friend and Navy brother. Let's send Todd Chase to Congress.

CDR Sam Coons United States Navy, Retired
Naval Flight Officer and Squadron mate of Todd’s for more than 12 years