dry hair fast

What is the fastest way to dry your hair?

As winter comes, the outside environment’s temperature will get colder, and if you go outside with wet hair, you can catch a cold instantly. Without applying heat to your hair, drying your hair is the toughest challenge that you could face. You can find detailed information of how to dry hair fast without damaging on this page, it is a common problem everyone has. However here are few steps to achieve hydrated and smooth hair without a lot of time.

Following are some fastest ways to dry your hair without any damage. These ways also help you to make your hair look extra glossy and smooth.

Air exposure

When it is in the context of types of exposure, you find mainly two types. Then blow-dry hair exposure & the air dry hair exposure. Air exposure is essential to your hair, and it helps to dry your hair fast. You can’t take your wet hair to blow-dry because it will damage your hair. First, you have to do little air exposure to your wet before the blow dry hair exposure. This method will give you smooth hair.

fastest way to dry your hair

Appropriate cloth

Choosing the appropriate towel will also make hair dry faster. In the case of quick absorption, the material used in the towel is essential. Applying a blow dryer to the soaking wet hair will cause the most formidable damage to your hair. A cotton microfiber towel will help you with everything because it will absorb twice as much water from your hair. Therefore the towel soaking ideas are popular among most people.


This is the best option that you can use during the drying process because it will help the process speed up. Brushing your hair throughout the process is a great technique. You should also brush your hair when you are blow-drying hair. It will also help you to get rid of wavy hairs. When you use the combing technique, it will distribute the air equally on your hair, making your hair glossy.


Applying a conditioner is another option that can help you in drying the hairs. The silica content in the conditioner will make your hair more water repellent because it will join the hair strands to each other. Conditioner is well known for its primary function: to make your hair frizz-free and smooth, but the speedup of drying the hair is another benefit.